Mrs Munns smiling in the photo wearing music notes dress from music lessons

About Mrs Munns

Welcome, I’m Mrs Munns. Also known as Vanessa! I’ve been passionate about music from a very early age, there hasn’t been a time in my life where I’ve not been involved with music in some way.

Having worked as a music teacher for over 13 years, I find so much joy in starting students on their musical journey and watching them develop over time. Their fluency, expressiveness and understanding of music progresses to the point where the relationship changes from teacher to coach.

Music lessons should be fun, exciting, and good value. I want you to enjoy your lessons, they shouldn't be a chore.


I learnt piano from 4, percussion and flute in primary school, violin/viola from year 7 and then started guitar as an adult.

 I started my journey as a music teacher in Year 11, initially through piano, as my teacher encouraged me to teach students as a way of analysing playing technique. I was approached by my viola teacher shortly after, to teach a group of 7 year old violin students music theory – a baptism of fire for group lessons! From here, I have taught on and off while raising my family, growing my music studio to where it is today with students based all over Western Australia.


There are a lot of loves that I have with teaching music. I love how each student is so unique, bringing their own flair to every lesson. I love seeing them overcome their fears in performing and watching them become confident young people.

Teaching adults is also enjoyable as the relationship is one of mentoring and I love working out how they think and what needs to occur to free the musician up musically.

It is never to early, nor to late, to learn. I’d love to be a part of the journey with you.

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