Individual & Group Lessons

Music is fun, but it takes a lot of perseverance, resilience, and practice to be good at it. I like to build a positive, respectful mentoring relationship with each student, directing them through their musical training.

I will teach you or your child the language of music and will tailor the curriculum to match your specific learning needs.

Boy playing guitar with Mrs Munns Music Lessons in Central Wheatbelt

What I teach


The piano is the King of all musical instruments and is the best one to start out on. If you learn to play the piano, you can then easily learn to play other musical instruments.

Learning the piano is the best way to learn music theory and study music. The piano is the only instrument where you look right at the notes as you are playing.


Just like picking up a new sport, learning to play the guitar greatly improves your hand-eye coordination as it requires very specific muscle movements that your body isn’t quite used to doing yet.

Playing guitar is such a cathartic and calming experience, expressing yourself through guitar playing is an exciting experience for any beginner.


Many people think that it’s too hard, too expensive, or just plain too difficult to learn how to play the violin. However, you may be surprised to discover that they, like any undertaking, simply require having the right tools and the right instruction.

The violin has been a beloved instrument in a multitude of cultures and for a wide range of genres. No matter the type of music, you can add your violin to it.

Girl playing piano with another girl playing trumpet
Where can I learn
Currently, lessons are offered in the towns of Beacon, Bencubbin, Kalannie and Mukinbudin in the Central Wheatbelt.  Lessons run throughout the school term. Please contact me to discuss what is the most suitable location and times for you or your child.
To make good progress, I expect a minimum of 3 practice sessionsto  be completed each week. Assignment/practice sheets will be given each week during lessons.
All students are encouraged to play at the recitals we have each year. This year I have organised for students to play at the Mt Marshall Show (March) and at a end of year concert (December).

Hit the right note.

Enquire now for lessons for you or your family.