Online Lessons

When learning a musical instrument, the goal is not to turn everyone into a professional musician, but rather to open the opportunity to explore music.

Online lessons provide a holistic approach to music education, offering the opportunity of musical education for those students who are unable to visit studios due to location, health or time constraints.

Mrs Munns doing online music lessons with one of her students

Online real-time Lessons are conducted over Zoom or Facetime on a iPad or Laptop. Simply download your app of choice and we can get started!

Who are online lessons for?
Structure of Online Lessons
Offered in real time, the format of the lessons is similar to that of in person lessons. The difference is that rather than playing duets, accompaniment tracks are used to provide students with the opportunity to “play” with someone.
Practice or playing ones instrument during the week is still required. Practice notes are communicated to students through a number of means dependent on what access to technology the student has.
Music Books & audio files
Where relevant, method books, pieces and theory work used will be available digitally, and/or can be ordered through external companies. Some books have a studio license and are covered by studio licence copyright.
Girl playing piano during lesson with Mrs Munns Music Lessons in Bencubbin

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